Our Company

With innovative technologies, deep industry knowledge, a diverse workforce, and a global support network of subsidiaries and alliance partners, B-EN-G has, for two decades, proven its capabilities in supporting manufacturing industries


Toyo Business Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (B-EN-G)

is an IT company specializing in providing integrated enterprise software solutions to manufacturers in Thailand. With a global presence in 25 countries, the company has achieved a high level of expertise, established a widespread network, and developed a number of revolutionary software technologies for various manufacturing fields, all as part of our commitment to being a trusted, reliable and beneficial partner for our clients.

Headquartered in Japan, B-EN-G established a base in Thailand in 2003 with the aim of providing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and related services for streamlining manufacturing operations in industrial plants; developing IoT (Internet of Things) products to promote digitalization; and helping manufacturers in Thailand make the most use of their business data through the utilization of BI (Business Intelligence) software.

So far we have spent nearly 20 years developing and implementing enterprise software systems for numerous industrial plants in Thailand. Having been in the business for so long, we have had many opportunities to interact with factory managers and workers, and are proud to say that, as a result, we now possess a thorough understanding of the manufacturing industry. We have also gained a significant level of experience which puts us in the best position to understand the unique needs of your factory and provide solutions that will best satisfy them.

Supporting our clients is one thing we take very seriously. Since our base was established in Bangkok, we have provided to our numerous clients, multilingual support services which are available in Japanese, Thai, and English; we have also established more than 100 installation bases of various industries in different parts of Thailand.


has experienced continuous progress since its establishment as a company in Thailand.

We have as well recorded consistent financial growth and a steady increase to our customer base, all of which could be attributed to the way we work diligently to fulfill our corporate mission while being true to our values.

Even though we have recorded numerous successes, our journey as providers of world-class enterprise solutions for the manufacturing industry has not been all smooth. Over the years we have encountered several challenges which we eventually overcame through commitment and diligence; and we are thankful for these challenges, for overcoming them has made us better and stronger as a company.

Corporate Mission & Philosophy

Simply put, our mission at B-EN-G is to apply our skills, extensive knowledge, and intelligent software solutions towards helping our customers tackle new business challenges and fulfill their growth objectives.

As a professional group, our company is committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and contributing to the development of society through the constant creation of new value.

Our Promise

Our promise is to leverage our expertise and global reach to enable manufacturing companies in Thailand function at their very best, achieve tangible and meaningful business outcomes, and realize better profit.

Our Strengths

As a company specializing in the development and implementation of integrated enterprise software solutions for the manufacturing industry, our strengths, which enable us to consistently provide high-value-added services to our customers, lie in four key areas:
B-EN-G provides the implementation of ERP systems for manufacturers, focusing on not just the management, but also on the actual onsite operations involved in manufacturing efforts. Our technologies and expert capabilities, developed and fine-tuned through decades of industry experience, mean we can deliver optimal solutions to make your manufacturing operations as smooth and as competitive as possible.
B-EN-G has a very sound background in global plant engineering and management. We have acquired experience in more than 25 countries, having established local subsidiaries and alliance partners to strengthen our services structure and support implementation projects across the globe. This enables us to provide products and services that meet global standards.
A key ingredient in executing projects according to plan is good communication: listening to customers to get to the core of every issue and adjusting promptly to ever-changing management environments. Our industry knowledge and project management skills allow us to execute every step of a project with speed and certainty, bringing you to the achievement of your business goals.
In addition to offering system integration with additional systems such as MES, Barcode, other ERP, and more, B-EN-G also offers the technical expertise and development capabilities needed to create in-house solutions. Our commercialization skills empower us to provide software technologies the market currently demands, and our design capabilities enable us to create optimal combinations of solutions, as well as guide you towards achieving better system utilization.

Our Core Values

B-EN-G is a values-based community. Our core values include:
We believe in constantly innovating to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce cost, promote employee satisfaction and teamwork, and deliver solutions/services that fulfill and surpass customer expectations in terms of quality and benefits.
B-EN-G is known for speed and efficiency. We approach and execute every project with a sense of urgency and focus, as well as a passion that allows us to deliver results to our customers on time, every time.
We regard our customers’ welfare as priority. In addition to providing solutions and services to satisfy their business needs, we remain accessible, communicative and responsive. Nothing gives us a sense of fulfillment more than seeing our customers succeed.
Mediocrity has no place at B-EN-G. We strive to create exceptional experiences, not just for our customers, but also for our employees. Standing out and being the best in our chosen area of expertise is always our aim.
Making a positive impact - and not making the most profit - remains the ultimate purpose of all we do here. Our solutions and services are all deliberately geared towards transforming industries, growing economies, and sustaining our environment.

Our Workplace Culture

Our culture is built around respect, support, inclusion, and appreciation of diversity. We mutually respect one another regardless of position or status. We support each other’s professional development and well-being.in order to bring out the best in all of us. We maintain a work environment that is inclusive by encouraging all employees to express their ideas, and by executing these ideas whenever we can. We value and appreciate diversity - or different backgrounds, perspectives, strengths and abilities - because, just like inclusion, it helps to drive innovation and growth, and also empowers us to create business solutions that address the business needs of our various customers comprehensively.

Our Team

Our company information will not be complete if we fail to mention the team of professionals whose combined effort makes B-EN-G what it is today.

Our workforce is comprised of managers, account reps, business analysts, application consultants, software developers, research specialists, support specialists, and more, all of different nationalities and from diverse backgrounds.

Each and every member of our team can be described as a high performer with extensive knowledge and proven track records in their respective fields. The B-EN-G team as a whole possesses the thorough product knowledge, experience, skill, and method it requires to successfully implement our enterprise solutions for your business and industry according to your specification and budget, and in a timely manner.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At B-EN-G it is not our practice to isolate ourselves from the communities we operate in. We care about social responsibility, and we show this by encouraging volunteerism by our employees, supporting/contributing to community-building initiatives, donating to important causes and organizations, as well as by sponsoring social and sporting events that promote unity and a sense of community.

Giving back to the local communities where our employees live and work gives us a sense of fulfillment as it is one of the ways through which we actualize one of our core values - impact.

Why B-EN-G Is Seen As a Market Leader

As providers of enterprise solutions in one of the most data-intensive industries, we are always innovating and keeping up with the times. Bearing in mind the fact that the world changes at an ever increasing rate, we keep developing solutions that help our customers transform/adapt their business accordingly in order to stay relevant and competitive. Our business solutions are designed to meet the needs of the present day manufacturer while allowing for future business growth.

Having spent the past couple of decades developing and implementing enterprise software systems for customers all around the globe, and helping them understand as well as manage their manufacturing operations much more efficiently, we have gained a vast amount of experience as regards the needs of the manufacturing industry and how best to satisfy them. And because the business solutions we provide are tailored to their unique requirements and provide the best value for them, we have earned the trust and respect of those we have been opportune to serve.

All the above reasons and more have made it possible for us to be recognized as market leaders when it comes to designing, developing and implementing enterprise software solutions for manufacturing businesses in Thailand.

Let’s Work Together

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