ERP mcframe

mcframe is a mission-critical ERP package developed in-house by B-EN-G. It combines basic functionality with extraordinary flexibility, completely satisfying the diverse needs of the manufacturing industry.

The word ‘mcframe’ stands for ‘Manufacturing and Communications Framework.’ Japanese-made and specially designed for Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the manufacturing industry, the mcframe is unmatched by other ERP platforms built for the same purpose due to its high level of flexibility, extensibility, ease of use, and impressive functionality. These features promote the competiveness of manufacturing industries worldwide, and also make the platform a great choice for manufacturers who aim to realize a fully-functional and expertly implemented package that takes advantage of their company’s operational processes.


mcframe ERP was developed by B-EN-G based on the company’s experiences in implementing production systems for more than 1000 companies globally. Since its deployment in 1996, it has been used by more than 400 manufacturing companies spanning sectors as diverse as processing and assembly.

Constructing Global
SCM Systems
with mcframe

mcframe is any manufacturer’s best option for building global SCM systems that are robust. This is because the framework ensures a high degree of quality and development efficiency with the total adoption of object-oriented technologies as well as FrameManager, which serves as the exclusive development environment.

and Support


In terms of user support, B-EN-G has established support facilities in Asia, including our group bases in Shanghai, Thailand, and Singapore where experienced support staff can provide whatever help your manufacturing firm needs to achieve global expansion with our enterprise solutions.



B-EN-G provides cloud services as an alternative channel for companies that would prefer not to manage physical servers by themselves.

Managing Production with mcframe cs

The mcframe cs production management module offers state-of-the-art capabilities by bringing together the needs and business know-how of the manufacturing and distribution industry in Japan. The package allows for extensive production planning, analysis, and execution, and also makes it easy to implement the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle used for the improvement of production and other business processes. It also features a sales management function which is integrated with that of production management.

Regardless of the assembly or process system in use, high performance is always the goal in the manufacturing industry, and the mcframe cs offers a rich package to ensure this level of performance is achieved in a wide range of manufacturing sectors.

By using the field-oriented functions of the mcframe cs to manage the production activities of your manufacturing firm, you can be sure of a clear improvement in productivity, as well as a further strengthening of your brand’s competitiveness in the industry.


Managing Cost with mcframe cs

In order to get ahead of severe price competition in an era characterized by intense global competition, it is becoming increasingly important for manufacturing companies to shift from “cost calculation for accounting” to “cost management for business strategy.” To support your cost management operations, the mcframe cs cost management system comes with functions that provide:
  ○ Fast and accurate cost information
  ○ PDCA cycle from budget planning to budget comparison
  ○ Simulation environment for decision-making
  ○ Cost-Volume-Profit analysis
  ○ Profit analysis
These advanced functions have been developed through decades of industry experience, and are in use in more than 100 manufacturing companies. Depending on the cost management needs of your manufacturing firm, the mcframe cs cost management system can be installed on a stand-alone basis, and can also be adapted to other systems using an external interface table.


Managing Accounting with mcframe GA

Your company’s accounting can be efficiently managed with mcframe GA, one of B-EN-G’s ERP solutions.

The mcframe GA is a next-generation accounting infrastructure system with a communication-accelerated UI. It is capable of maintaining the same journalized data under up to 20 different accounting standards including the Thai Accounting Standards (IFRS), the Japanese Accounting Standards (JFOX), and other international standards. This makes it easy to manage different accounting books based on various rules such as "local standard", "institutional accounting" and "management accounting", as well as handle financial statement formats that differ across countries using the relevant functions. for more information

In addition to supporting e-Tax invoicing, mcframe GA also supports multiple languages and currencies to facilitate use across different regions and countries. It goes further to provide various functions that ensure smooth processing of transactions in an unlimited number of currencies, and financial statements can as well be created in any currency simply by setting the required display currency.